Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator – Jennifer Allison


Zany, likable Gilda Joyce deserves a place right next to her inspiration, Harriet the Spy.

Ever since her father died two years ago, Gilda has been working on sharpening her psychic skills, both in an attempt to communicate with him and to solve spooky mysteries. The summer before ninth grade, she invites herself to San Francisco to visit relatives she’s never met who live in a brooding Victorian mansion, complete with a ghost in the tower.

Lester Splinter, her distant cousin, seems to be hiding something about his sister’s suicide years ago, and Gilda is determined to find out what it is, with the help of his lonely, hostile daughter who is her age. Gilda’s bravery, bluntness, and willingness to try anything help bring Juliet out of herself.

This is a girl with spunk…and almost too much courage! Gilda gets into some scrapes that made me wonder how she’d possibly escape. Everything she does, though, is done with gusto. I love Gilda’s zaniness. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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