Pantheon High: Vol 1 – Paul Benjamin


Welcome to Pantheon High, home of the Fighting Chimeras; divine league basketball champs two years running. Keep at ’em, Coach Hercules!! As a demigod, you’ll get the best education a child of Greek, Norse, Japanese or Egyptian divinity can receive here at our Los Angeles based campus. You may have heard prophecies or seen visions of a great doom looming over the school, but the End of All Things is no excuse for tardiness and absences will go on your permanent record. The challenges at a school for demigods are great, but if anyone can face them it’s the students of…Pantheon High!

This was a fun read. I love mythology and so this was great. Demigods of all types (Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc.) were all going to high school together. Very interesting and funny. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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