Thirsty – M.T. Anderson


Chris has problems: bickering, divorce-bound parents; a domineering older brother; his best friends becoming estranged. Overshadowing everything is the fact that Chris, while churning in adolescent hormonal changes, is becoming a vampire. The good people of his Massachusetts town are almost inured to the murders committed by vampires. Yet violent mobs shortcut justice with stake-through-the-heart lynchings. As Chris’s blood lust grows, he’s increasingly challenged to hide his transformation. “Chet,” claiming to be an avatar of the Forces of Light, offers to reverse Chris’s vampirism in exchange for his help in keeping the Vampire Lord imprisoned beneath the local reservoir. The teen agrees and does the deed, then spirals into self-doubt. Has he done the right thing? Who can he trust? If he reveals himself, will his family and friends betray him, kill him?

I tried to read this book but just couldn’t get into it. If you like vampire books, though, I hope you still try it. If you’re not a true vampire book lover, though, I’d recommend trying something else. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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