Mystik Lake – Martha Brooks


In 1981, three teenagers died while joyriding on frozen Mistik Lake in Manitoba. Sally was the sole survivor. The story then alternates between Odella, Sally’s oldest daughter, beginning when she is nine; Sally’s Aunt Gloria, Odella’s beloved great-aunt; and, later, Odella’s boyfriend, Jimmy. Summers are spent at Mistik Lake, where Gloria has a cottage that she never uses. There, Odella, a perceptive girl, becomes attuned to her mother’s sadness and alcoholism. Sally leaves her husband and daughters for an Icelandic filmmaker when Odella is 15, and the devastated family struggles to function without her. However, they continue to vacation at the lake, where Odella meets Jimmy, leading to a romance that helps sustain her in the aftermath of her mother’s sudden death.

This book is written not only from the perspective of three different people, but also from different times, so it can be confusing sometimes. If you stick with it though, it is a good book. The family sucks you into their lives and trying to get through some hard times. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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