Royally Jacked – Niki Burnham


Fifteen-year-old Valerie’s life gets turned upside down when her mother announces that she has fallen in love with another woman and is going to live with her. Then, as Valerie is trying to process this bombshell, her father’s boss, the very conservative President of the U.S., decides to ship her father off to tiny Schwerinborg to serve as protocol chief to the royal family (in order to avoid a scandal at the White House). Valerie is left with two choices: live with Mom and her vegan girlfriend in a new school district or go with Dad to an obscure country where she doesn’t speak the language or know a soul. Rather than having to explain her mom’s new lifestyle to her friends, Valerie opts to go with her father, but when they arrive in foggy, gray Schwerinborg and see their spartan palace housing, the teen is sure she has made a huge mistake. Until, of course, she meets the royal family’s son, Prince Georg, and romance is ignited.

This is a very cute romance. This is similar to the Princess Diaries series, though Valerie is a very normal teen. This is the type of book you can take to the beach or on a roadtrip ā€“ quick, but satisfying. ā€“ Jessica, Teen Librarian


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  1. Adebisi Moyosore
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 10:04:07

    This book is really fantastic…i enjoy it,and i wish to read another of its kind,,,kuddos!


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