Blue Bloods – Melissa De La Cruz


Schuyler Van Alen is a freshman at the prestigious Duchesne School. A loner by nature, she finds her life thrown into turmoil when she turns 15. Suddenly she is allergic to the sun, craves raw food, and if she cuts herself, her blood is blue. Schuyler has no idea what is happening to her. As more and more curious things happen, Schuyler must confront her family and friends to discover the truth behind her blue blood. But there are bigger problems soon to be faced. When a girl in school is found dead, with mysterious bite marks on her neck, Schuyler is more confused than ever about her heritage…and her destiny.

This is a cool vampire series. I love Schuyler, she’s not your “perfect” vampire, and she has a really cool sense of self. I like the concepts of “Blue Bloods” and their human familiars. Try this if you like vampire books, it sort of has the same feel as Twilight (in the vampire sense – it does have a Romeo and Juliet thing going on too, but not nearly as well done as Bella and Edward). – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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