Goddess of the Night – Lynne Ewing


High school sophomore Vanessa and her best friend, Catty, have magical powers. But while Catty sees her ability to time travel as a gift, Vanessa hates her own ability to turn invisible: she “tried to control her molecules, but in times of intense emotion, her molecules had more power than her ability to restrain them and the light from a full moon seemed to fuel their charge.” Vanessa wants to date the handsome, long-haired Michael and be like everyone else, but whenever he kisses her, her feet and hands start disappearing. Then Catty turns up missing, and Vanessa’s new friend Serena (a mind reader) reveals that they are goddesses, Daughters of the Moon, who must battle the evil Atrox and its dissolute band of “Followers” (from whose souls Atrox has sucked all hope) who haunt the Los Angeles club scene.

I really liked this book. It was the interesting start to a new series. Vanessa’s ability to “dissolve” into invisibility by separating her molecules is really cool. The Daughters of the Moon have a cool mission too. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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