Into the Cold Fire – Lynne Ewing


When four best friends discover that they have magical powers, they unite as Daughters of the Moon, destined to battle against evil. They look like ordinary girls living in Los Angeles, but each has a secret power. Serena can read minds. The followers of Atrox have set a trap for Serena. Once she enters their cold fire, she will become a follower of the dark. One of the others, Jimena, who can see the future, has actually seen Serena entering the fire, which frightens her a great deal. Can the Daughters save Serena?

Oohhh…this book is about temptation in the extreme. I like this series. It has clearly defined senses of good and evil and the good girls always prevail in the end, though they may have to make sacrifices to get there. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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