Breaking Point – Alex Flinn


Tripped in class, mooned in the hall, cola poured through the slats in his locker, spitballs stuck in his hair–how much more can Paul Richmond take at his snobby private school? Paul is there free because his mom works in the guidance office, but that fact makes him an instant outcast. Even worse off is David Blanco, whose mom is a cafeteria lady and whose father is the janitor. The jocks hound him unmercifully, even killing his dog. When Paul goes to David’s house to offer sympathy, David rejects him angrily, saying “You’ll be next.” Paul yearns to be accepted anyway. So when cool Charlie Good asks for his help in computer lab, Paul is eager to comply. Gradually he is accepted at school as part of Charlie’s group, but for a price. When David Blanco kills himself and the school simply ignores it, Paul is momentarily taken aback, especially when he learns that David had been Charlie’s ally last year. But then Charlie reveals his real plan, for which everything else has been preliminary, and Paul has his last chance to say no.

This book gave me chills. It’s intense, really good, but intense. It amazed me to follow along as Paul gets himself talked into doing the worst things, and doesn’t even realize how he really got there. Recommended. – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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