Stoneheart – Charlie Fletcher


On a school trip to London, 12-year-old George is banished for something he didn’t do. Angry, he lashes out and breaks off a dragon’s head carved onto the wall of the museum. Next thing he knows, a pterodactyl carving comes to life and begins to chase him. From Gunner, a walking, talking statue, George learns that he has entered another layer of reality, and that his arrival has started a new war between the statues of London. Thus begins a terrifying adventure through the heart of London!

I really enjoyed not only the fantasy and adventure elements of this book, but also the historical and artistic elements. You get great descriptions of many of the historic statues in London without feeling like you are taking a boring tour. (It was amazing when I then went to London and recognized statues from their descriptions in this book!) – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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