Pandora Gets Lazy – Carolyn Hennesy


Sequel to Padora Gets Jealous and Pandora Gets Vain.

It’s time to track down the next evil, Laziness-and you won’t believe where Pandora finds it!

Pandora’s search for Laziness is not going well: Hera’s kidnapped her beloved dog, Dido, and Pandy got separated from the rest of her friends and is totally alone in the middle of nowhere. But with the fate of the world still in her hands (which is so not fair), Pandy can’t afford to be lazy herself.

I felt really bad for Pandora in this book, I mean Hera kidnaps her dog!!  On the other hand, she still has some really cool adventures.  Being able to see Atlas hold up the world on his shoulders…come on!   -Jessica, Teen Librarian


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