Children of the Lamp: The Blue Djinn of Babylon – P.B. Kerr

blue djinn of babylon

John and Philippa Gaunt, 12-year-old twins, are descended from a long line of djinn and have magical powers. Philippa has been practicing a dice game of particular interest to their kind, and meets the Blue Djinn of Babylon when she is accused of cheating in the annual tournament. Unfortunately, she is wrongly convicted, and John finds out that someone has stolen the Solomon Grimoire, which contains incantations that give the user limitless power over all djinn. In order to convince the Blue Djinn of her innocence, and to protect everyone from misuse of the Grimoire, the twins set off for Istanbul to recover the book. What neither one knows is that they have been set up and are walking into a trap. Once it is sprung, it will take all of Johns strength and intelligence to save Philippa; and she will need all of her cunning to survive.

The sequel to The Akhenaten Adventure continues with magical intrigue.  Having saved the world, Philippa now enters a djinn dice tournament, only to set larger games in motion. Exciting, this book ends with a somewhat sad twist. Recommended.    – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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