Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye – Kaza Kingsley

dragons eye

Enter Alypium, a hidden world within our own where our old knowledge of magic is kept and strange and fantastical creatures around. It is a beautiful and mystical place, but things are caving in. The king is hynotized and his castle turned on its side. The very Substance that holds things together has gone awry, and whispers tell of evil plans to destroy everything. Twelve year old Erec Rex has been yanked out of the world as we know it and thrown unwillingly into this mess. As he learns how to get by in this strange world he also discovers some truths about himself … and must learn the power of trust and love in order to save his mother, and all of Alypium.

If you like Harry Potter or Charlie Bone, try Erec Rex on for size!  This is another fun and fantastical series for middle school readers.  Erec’s loyalty to his family is admirable, his sense of adventure is catching, and he gets to meet some really interesting creatures.   — Jessica, Teen Librarian


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