The Cobra King of Kathmandu – P.B. Kerr

cobra king of kathmandu

This third installment in the series finds 12-year-old djinn twins Philippa and John embarking on a harrowing journey to Northern India and Nepal in search of the long-lost and powerful talisman, the Cobra King of Kathmandu. The twins believe that it holds the answers to certain mysterious deaths and hope to find it before it falls into the hands of the malevolent cult of the Nine Cobras, led by the egomaniacal Guru Masamjhasara, who seeks to profit from controlling and selling djinn power. However, the siblings soon find themselves imprisoned by the deadly cult and must rely upon their wits and a generous helping of good fortune to survive.

Have you ever wanted to be a genie?  Apparently, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…or at least not if you are a true djinn like Philippa or John.  This is a fun series! – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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