Got Fangs? – Katie Maxwell

got fangs

Sixteen-year-old Francesca (Fran) Getti has never wanted anything more than to have a normal life, and to simply blend in with other kids her age, that way no one could ever figure out just how much of a freak she is. Unfortunately, that’s too much to ask for, since she has now been dragged off to the middle of Hungary by her mother – a witch – to join a traveling band of magicians, psychics, and other oddities, called GothFaire. If this weren’t enough, Fran is now forced to be the “normal” one amongst a bunch of freaks; while at the same time try to face her fate as a psychometrist – someone who need only touch something to know strange facts. Things are looking down, until Fran meets a Moravian Dark One – a.k.a. a vampire – named Benedikt, who insists that Fran is the key to redeeming his soul. Throw in an immortal friend who remembers what Mozart was like, a mysterious horse with a strange past, and a demonologist who thinks he’s Elvis, and you can see why Fran has absolutely no chance of fitting in. Ever.

I liked Fran’s attitude in this book.  She’s a very real teen, although she can touch people and “read” them.  The other characters are all funny, the plot is good, and Benedikt is someone that you could definitely fall for without too much trouble (wink, wink).    – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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