Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy – Jenny Nimmo

charlie bone and the invisible boy

In the third Charlie Bone book, another semester at Bloor Academy is about to begin, and, as usual, chaos ensues. At home, Charlie’s Uncle Paton disappears, then returns ill and powerless. Charlie’s friend Benjamin heads off to Hong Kong, and his grandmother Maisie leaves to take care of her sick sister. At the same time, a new and sinister student named Belle arrives at Bloor and starts to cause trouble.  A new art teacher has joined the staff to find his younger brother, Ollie Sparks, who was turned invisible by a blue boa (snake, though there are feathers involved) controlled by the evil Ezekiel Bloor. Charlie and his friends try to come up with ways to help Ollie and their friend Billy Raven, still being tormented by the Bloor clan.

Every time I read a Charlie Bone I know that I will end up happy.  He is such a plucky character.  No matter what gets thrown at him, Charlie and his friends always step up and find a way to save their friends and family.  Go Children of the Red King!!  – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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