Deathnote: Volume 2 – Tsugumi Ohba

deathnote v2

The FBI agents sent to Japan are all dead, thanks to Light’s acquaintance with Raye Penber (what is it about Japanese manga artists coming up with “American” names no one in America would ever have, anyway? The roster of FBI agents here is hilarious!), and the task force investigating the killings is deserting out of fear for their lives. It seems as if Light will never be caught– except that Raye’s fiancee, an ex-FBI agent herself, is out for revenge, and L decides to break his rule of no contact and head up the police’s investigation personally.

Everyone’s using unorthodox methods, so what’s a boy to do? Stay one step ahead of the game, of course…

This book was okay, though as someone who watched the TV show first it’s different.  I still like the drawings, but was not really pulled to read the third one in this series.   – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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