Eragon – Christopher Paolini


Eragon, a young farm boy, finds a marvelous blue stone in a mystical mountain place. Before he can trade it for food to get his family through the hard winter, it hatches a beautiful sapphire-blue dragon, a race thought to be extinct. Eragon bonds with the dragon, and when his family is killed by the marauding Ra’zac, he discovers that he is the last of the Dragon Riders, fated to play a decisive part in the coming war between the human but hidden Varden, dwarves, elves, the diabolical Shades and their neanderthal Urgalls, all pitted against and allied with each other and the evil King Galbatorix. Eragon and his dragon Saphira set out to find their role, growing in magic power and understanding of the complex political situation as they endure perilous travels and sudden battles, dire wounds, capture and escape.

A boy and his secret dragon on a quest…I love it!  Well written and exciting. ~ Jessica , Teen Librarian


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  1. Kaitlynn- teen blogger
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 20:46:15

    Eragon is an adventurous book which explains the destiny of a 15 year old farm boy and a yong dragon Saphira. A book which explains the life of Eragon and Saphira. When Eragon finds the egg he ends up leaving with Brom a story teller or as Eragon thinks he is but in the end it tells the real truth about Brom and the survival of him. Eragon leaves following the Raazack who end up capturing Brom Eragon and Saphira on thier way out of Tierm. When a stranger named Mertag saves them. Read the book to find out the rest. This is my favorite book and i luv it. May adventures be with you.


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