Midnight for Charlie Bone – Jenny Nimmo

midnight for charlie bone

When he is 10 years old, Charlie discovers that he is able to look at photographs and haer conversations and even thoughts that were taking place at the time the photo was taken, a legacy of his ancestor the Red King, whose descendants all have different magical abilities. Charlie hears one conversation that sets him on a search for a girl who has been missing for years, and when he begins attending Bloor’s Academy, an elite boarding school for the rich and the endowed (as the Red King’s descendants are called), his life becomes full of intrigue and danger. Charlie, his friend Benjamin, and other allies try to unlock the secrets of a mysterious case that could get the girl back, while the sinister Bloors and Charlie’s ghastly relatives who are endowed try to thwart them.

Charlie Bone is an average ten year old boy – who can hear voices coming from photographs.  Now he must endure a new school and new enemies (including his own grandmother and aunts!) who want him to use his magic for evil instead of good. Lucky for us, Charlie is way smarter than that.  Fans of Harry Potter will definitely want to follow Charlie and his friends as they solve this case.   – Leila, Teen Clerk


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