Briar’s Book – Tamora Pierce

briars book

Circle of Magic: Book 4

During a visit to a neighboring town, Briar learns that his friend, a young “street rat” named Flick, has come down with a strange illness. Soon, others are stricken with the disease and Briar and his teacher Rosethorn end up in quarantine, using magic and medicine to nurse the increasing numbers of plague victims. Meanwhile, Briar’s friends Sandry, Tris, and Daja do their part at Winding Circle, each using her own brand of magic to help end the epidemic. At the height of the crisis, Rosethorn becomes desperately ill, and the young mages must use their powers to follow her past death’s doorstep.

This book is a very good end to the series.  I really liked getting to read the book from Briar’s perspective.  He became one of my favorite characters.  Enjoy!    – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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