Sandry’s Book – Tamora Pierce

sandrys book

Circle of Magic: Book 1

This is a story about craft, about work, about magic, and most of all about the pleasure and difficulty of friendship.

It begins when four young misfits with a talent for magic (and trouble!) arrive at Winding Circle Temple. Despite their differences, Sandry (the noble), Tris (the merchant girl), Daja (the trader), and Briar (the “street-rat”) find themselves bound together in a Circle of Magic–a circle they will need when they face crushing danger.

These are some very interesting characters.  I have to admit that I related to Tris the most, but there is a little bit of everyone somewhere within these four.  They discover they have magical talents and are taken to a new place to learn how to use it.  The adults that they meet are tough, but fair and turn out to be very nice people.  There is a lot of good in this book, with new friendships and trust developing between the characters.  A good new series to try if you liked any of Pierce’s other books.  – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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