The Realms of the Gods – Tamora Pierce

the realms of the gods

The Immortals: Book 4

Daine and Numair are suddenly swept into the otherworldly home of the gods after facing certain death on earth. But they cannot remain there for long, because they are both needed to help fight the desparate battle raging in Tortall. And so they undertake the dangerous journey back to earth…a journey that will teach them a great deal about life and about each other, a journey that will lead to the startling culmination of the conflicts, both mortal and immortal, that have long plagued Tortall.

I really liked the parts of this book where you got to see Daine’s parents and the other gods.  The battles against Stormwing and his magical creatures are very exciting and it’s really good to see Daine kick some tail.  What did bother me a little, is though I like Numair, he seems really old to be Daine’s love interest.  I found that just a little creepy. Let me know what you thought.  Overall I really enjoyed the conclusion to this series.   – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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