Weregirls: Birth of the Pack – Petru Popescu


When sixteen-year-old Lily Willison and her friends Nikki, Arielle, and Grazia start up a girls’ soccer club and name their team the Weregirls, they soon find themselves drawn into a battle between good and evil. Lily’s father, a supernatural guardian, makes contact with Lily after his death and reveals that she has magical powers—as do her friends.

As the girls learn more about their powers, they inadvertently awaken the Breed, sworn enemies of the Weregirls. To fight the Weregirls, the Breed Master calls upon Lily’s soccer rival—the rich, conceited, and arrogant Andra Hewlit. Desperate for powers of her own, Andra will do anything she can to destroy Lily and the Weregirls….

This book sounded really great, but I was really disappointed.  The buildup was good.  I liked Lily and her friends, and the idea of Native American supernaturalism was cool.  The story of the Weregirls was new and I liked the originality. However, once Lily actually discovers her powers and things start to heat up…it fizzled for me.  I did not like the way it was written at all.  Let me know if you like this one – I couldn’t even finish it.     – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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