Steady Beat: Volume 1 – Rivkah

steady beat

Leah is a star high school athlete with a cool older sister named Sarai and a single mom who is a state senator in Austin, Tex. One day a letter meant for Sarai finds its way into Leah’s backpack and she reads it. It’s a love letter, and it’s signed “Jessica.” Leah can’t believe her sister is gay—hasn’t Sarai dated boys? Leah imagines their harried mother finding out and killing Sarai to save her career. A mysterious phone call from someone who saw Leah reading the letter sends Leah out to find the potential blackmailer and beginning her own adventure.

This graphic novel surprised me. I had no idea what it was about when I started it, but I was surprised that it really handled the issue of Sarai’s lifestyle choice very well.  The plot was cute and I liked the drawing style.   – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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