Black Water – DJ MacHale

Pendragon: Book 5

Just when fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon thinks he understands his purpose as a Traveler – to protect the territories of Halla from the evil Saint Dane – he is faced with an impossible choice. The inhabitants of Eelong are in danger of being wiped out by a mysterious plague. Only Bobby knows how to stop it, but it means bringing the antidote from another territory – Cloral. Since moving items between territories is forbidden by the Traveler rules, if Bobby chooses to save Eelong he could endanger himself, his friends, and the future of every other being in Halla.

In this book, Mark and Courtney actually get to travel to both Chloral and Eelong, which is really cool.  It’s much easier to imagine being an acolyte like them to imagine being a traveler like Bobby.  I really like the creatures and inhabitants of Eelong, too!  – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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