The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner

Gen is released from prison by the king’s magus. The magus finds Gen uncouth and insolent, but he needs Gen’s skills as a thief. Without telling Gen where they are going, he takes him out of the city.  It becomes clear that the magus wants Gen to steal the legendary Hamiathes’s Gift, a small stone that gives the bearer the right to rule the country of Eddis. The magus wants to give the stone to the King of Sounis. This would force the Queen of Eddis into a marriage that would unite the two countries. Gen doubts the stone’s very existence, but he is willing to try to steal it for his own reasons.

The journey is dangerous, and the travelers grate on each others’ nerves. Gen risks death in a daring attempt to steal the stone from an almost inaccessible temple, while the entire party is pursued by the Guard of Attolia.  None of the main characters is exactly what he seems to be. By the end of the book, secrets are revealed, relationships adjusted, and respect between the travelers is lost and won.

This is an intriguing adventure book.  You never really know who people are or what will happen until…BAM…it hits you in the face.  It’s interesting to travel with the group through an imaginary country based on Ancient Greece too!  I really like Gen’s spirit and quick thinking.     – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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