My Cup Runneth Over: the Life of Angelica Cookson Potts – Cherry Whytock

Angelica Cookson Potts wants to be a chef after she graduates from high school. Like her name, the novel is filled with witty, intentional puns. Angel’s room is on the top of her house, aptly referred to as heaven, but her adolescent life is far from perfect. She is taller and heavier than all of her thin, shapely friends. Her used-to-be-a-model mother constantly reminds her to watch what she eats, and she can’t get Adam, the Love of her Life, to notice her. Angel is not one to whine. She knows she needs to make life changes and pokes fun at all that is wrong in her life.

This is a really cute “beach read.”  Something fun and easy for when you just want to relax.  It’s a YA book that has both pictures and recipes randomly stuck in.  Fun!  Angel is also a really relatable character and her friends are cute.  There is some British slang mixed in, but you should be able to figure it out.  Recommended.     – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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