My Scrumptious Scottish Dumplings: The Life of Angelica Cookson Potts

“Almost forgot, Cherub, I got something yesterday to cheer you up. Found it in the tartan workshop….” He hands me the parcel, out of which comes a WHOLE SCOTTISH OUTFIT! Kilt, white shirt, frilly collar thing, tartan sash, red sporran, and, to top it all, thick green wooly knee-length socks with GARTERS!

Horrors! Potty is dragging Angel out of school early so the family can make their annual trek to Scotland. Worse than the dreary Scottish weather and embarrassing kilts, Mercedes is moving to Florida at the end of the term — probably for good. Meanwhile, Potty is on the warpath, protesting that the haggis Harrods sells isn’t authentic. It’s just another of Potty’s crazy schemes until the whole family is banned from the store — and how can Angel cook without groceries? As if that weren’t enough, Angel can’t stop dreaming about Sydney…gross, disgusting Sydney. What is going on?

I can’t put this series down. These books just make my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!  Angel is hilarious and in this book her parents are an absolute scream!!!  Who thought haggis could be so funny?  For a quick and painless read…  – Jessica, Teen Librarian


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  2. weight
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 01:29:45

    yeah my dad will like this


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