STORM: The Ghost Machine – E.L. Young


Get swept into the second, even more explosive STORM!  Will, Andrew, and Gaia are a trio of teen geniuses, and they’re taking Venice by STORM.  All over Italy, mysterious burglaries are making headlines — news footage shows a strange, spectral form at the crime scenes.  The thefts are dubbed the work of ll Fantasma: the Ghost.  Through a series of exhilarating twists, Will, Andrew, and Gaia discover that the Ghost is part of a larger and more sinister plot than they could have imagined, one involving a decrepit Venetian castle, a dangerous cult, microscopic self-organizing robots, and quantum computers with a vile purpose and horrific consequences.  Armed with high-speed boats, sonar helmets, and tons of cool gear, STORM must face all manner of obstacles – even cyborg sharks! – to find and stop the mind behind the mayhem.  Little do they know, the enemy just might be a dear old friend.


I still love Gaia in this series – she just kicks butt.  This book takes place in Venice, which made for some really interesting scene descriptions.  I love the gadgets and excitement of this book.   – Jessica, Teen Librarian.


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