Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Cover art for PANDEMONIUM

It’s been six months since readers first met 17-year-old Lena Haloway, desperately in love in a world that considers such feelings an infection to be permanently and irrevocably “cured.”

This much-anticipated sequel to Delirium (2011) picks up right where the first novel left off, with Lena and Alex’s only partially successful attempt to escape to “the Wilds.” Lena, alone, heartbroken and near death, must reach deep within herself to find the strength and the will to survive. “Step by step—and then, inch by inch,” she is reborn. The story of Lena’s new life as a rebel Invalid, determined to honor the memory of Alex by fighting for a world in which love is no longer considered a capital offense, is told through a series of flashbacks and present-day accounts that will leave readers breathless. The stakes only get higher when Lena realizes she has feelings for someone new.

At first I was really hesitant to read this book because the first book in the series “Delirium” was somewhat slow and I thought that Pandemonium was going to be that way too. But it wasn’t, it was fast paced and I loved how the main character Lena grew and became stronger. I also found it interesting how the author decided to tell the story by going from the present to the past back and forth throughout the book. Pandemonium was predictable at times but it also really made me think about the world that Lena lives in because it in this book you get to see more of what her world is like. It made me think, and compare it to the world that Scott Westerfeld created in the book Pretties. If I had to choose a world to live in which one would it be??? Well for me I would have to pick the world that Scott Westerfeld created because in his world there was still love. I can’t help it I’m a romantic at heart. Anyway, I would recommend this book because it was a good read and if you like reading about dystopian then this would be a good series to choose. – Amanda, Teen Clerk


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